• Mani Mania – The New Nail Trends

    Spring is well and truly here and with it, the new trend paints and nail styles 2019. Beautifully maintained and painted fingernails make us feel much more attractive, elegant and feminine. But which colors and styles hit the nail on the head?

  • Does the lack of sleep cause wrinkles?

    Due to lack of sleep, the body produces too much cortisol, the stress hormone. As a result, the formation of hyaluronic acid is reduced, thus losing the necessary hydration for the skin and that damages its protective barrier function...Read more

  • Red and gold products to celebrate Chinese New Year

    The Chinese hold great value in the colours red and gold – they are core symbols of their tradition. Many brands use this as an opportunity to launch some of their most iconic products...
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  • The beautypress site is a go to place for me. It’s really easy to find press releases and images for some great brands. Their press days are an essential resource for meeting brands face to face, getting to try the products and gathering great ideas for our beauty pages.

    Kelly Andrews, Country Wedding Magazines
  • beautypress are professional in every way possible. Their emails are warm, welcoming, friendly and they reply to each and every one. After completing each product review they sent me an email thanking me in a lot of detail. For those who do not blog / write reviews...the entire process is time consuming from photographs, to research to the initial review...so it really does make your day when you receive an email from the brand / company directly. I seriously feel like BP appreciate my work and feedback and cannot wait for the next event.

    Avais Siava, Blogger

  • It was really good to get the opportunity to speak with the brands directly and hear their stories. Plus, great to have them all in one room.

    Theresa Onley, The Lifestyle Library